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 create a calendar with events of any type.Decide for yourself what events will be Manage displayed and how they will look, who will have access to them and what exactly will see. Your Calendar application you can create a calendar that can display absences and meetings of employees in the company, car reservations in rental companies, and even a calendar displaying the exchange rate of gold or moon phases! User-friendly interface with events displayed as icons.

Calendar items

Calendar items are dispayed as rows in the calendar. The item has its name, icon and any number of fields that describe it, e.g. text boxes, photo or link. Each item has its own type, which defines how it should look. Each item can have different user permissions. You can decide whether users will be able to edit the item's fields, change its name, or see the events of the selected item on the calendar, descriptions of these events, etc.

Item types

The type of calendar item defines how calendar item should look like:

Which icons will be available to select for the calendar item icon.What events will be used by this item. For example, for an Employee, these can be events: a meeting, lunch, holidays, and for a reserved car: a reservation or a stay in the service.What fields of descriptions of these events are to be included in the calendar, e.g. in the case of reservations, they may be the client's hours and number, or in the case of a calendar with employee delegations, the purpose of their travel.

Event types

An event is one calendar entry. Each event is represented by its icon, making it easy to recognize what it is about. You can add any number of events on a given day of the month, but only the event that you mark as the main on a given day will be visible in the calendar day cell. The whole list of events will be displayed when you move the mouse over the selected day in the calendar. You can add descriptions to the events, and what descriptions they should be and who will see them, you can decide yourself using the appropriate permissions.

Adding and viewing events

And we reached the last stage. Now the coolest - view and add events.Log out of the administrative account and go to browsing. As you can see nothing is displayed. This is because no employee or company car has calendar events. Rows with items that have no events do not appear on the calendar by default. You can change this option in the application settings. There you will also find some interesting other settings.

Let's add events to employees:

Go to Events editing and click on any cell of the day for any employee. In the window that appears, you can add events, edit their descriptions, set the order and mark which event is the main event.When you add several events on one day, the main event is the event that will be displayed in the calendar day cell.Next, test this functionality. Add different events to employees from different departments

Once you have added enough events, go back to browsing the events and see that your events are already there :)Hover over the cells to see events and descriptions (if you added them). Also hover over the employee's name to see his photo and other details.

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