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Creating a template Under Content Club

creating a template

Some facts you may need to know about the template in Automatic Writing

1. When you start to create a template, you can make it only visible for yourself until you are satisfied with it. After that, you publish.

2.. You can control the accessibility of a template, It can be accessible for free package, or for one or more than one paid package. All users can see the subject of all the templates, but only users who own the corresponding package can see the detail. This is useful for promoting your advanced package.

3. A template is contained of one or more than one block. You can put the same type of scripts into one template, for instance, you create a template about Facebook Ads and all its blocks are about Facebook ads. This is easy to understand for a user. When you are creating a new template, you can only add one block. Then you can append multiple blocks to this template. 

4. There are some terms in the 'New Template', to let you know about where these terms are applied, please see the following picture, you can click to enlarge it:

5. A block can contain zero or multiple tags. Tag is used to letting your user fill in something to replace the content. It may be the user's name, company name, product name etc.

6. You can add a tag from Writing Management -> Tag Management -> New Tag. There are some terms on this page, We show you a picture to explain these terms, This is the page that users start to fill in something about themselves.

7. While you are creating a new block, you can insert the tag into the block body. Then when the user comes to this template, an input for this tag will be triggered. User needs to fill in something, or it will be replaced by the 'Default Replacement Text'.

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