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SocioStacks-Reward Loyalty

SocioStacks-Reward Loyalty is designed for both multiple businesses (partners) and single businesses that need a digital savings card solution.

At its core, SocioStacks-Reward Loyalty is a digital loyalty reward system. But think of it also as a modern version of treasure hunting.

Every company offers unique QR codes which lead to their loyalty cards. When you, as a member, scan a QR code, the associated loyalty card is revealed. It's only added to your personal "wallet" – the main page of our system – when you either follow that card or start collecting points on it.

The magic is in the flexibility. You can be a loyal customer of one company or of many companies and collect points from one or from several companies, all stored in the same wallet. And here's the privacy advantage: these companies know nothing about each other on our platform.

Whether you're a stand-alone company looking to offer loyalty cards, or a conglomerate of companies looking to share a universal rewards platform, SocioStacks-Reward Loyalty has you covered. 

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Improve Customer Loyalty with Digital Savings Cards

Make it easy for your customers to earn rewards with app. Publish a QR code, and customers can start earning points for attractive rewards.

Reward With Digital Savings Cards  Enhance Your Customer Experience

Effortless usage. 

Customers simply show a QR code to a staff member and start saving.

Full transaction history. 

Provide members with a comprehensive overview of their earnings and expiration dates.

First in, first out. 

When rewards are claimed, older points are used first.

Maximize Engagement Flexible user management. 

Host multiple businesses within one installation, thus maintaining only one platform.

Unlimited scope. 

There are no limitations on businesses, users, or cards, your server sets the limit.

Suitable for any business. 

Fitting for any business that wants to offer reward-based savings cards to their customers.

Gain Insights with Precision

In-depth analytics. 

Give partners clear insights with details about card views, reward views, earned points, and claimed rewards.

Rules for earning. 

Each card can have unique rules for earning points, tailored to the needs of the issuer.

Notes and images. 

Staff can add images and notes to earnings and claims, thus building a detailed history.

Adapt to Your Environment Multi-language support. 

The application is fully translatable, catering to a global customer base.

Full localization. 

Supports time zones, currency, dates and notes, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Dark mode. 

Allow users to switch to a visually comfortable dark mode.

Your All-In-One Solution for Savings Cards

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At the foundation of every successful business is a loyal customer base. SocioStacks-Reward Loyalty simplifies the process of rewarding your customers, increasing repeat customers, and boosting your sales. Whether you're a marketer looking for an efficient way to manage loyalty card programs or a developer seeking a robust, easy-to-implement solution, SocioStacks-Reward Loyalty is your perfect match

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