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WhatsApp Marketing tool

How It Works

 Please sign out WhatsApp Number which is Active on Web WhatsApp or any place where you logged in to your WhatsApp Account.When you logged in to your account on Sociostacks, please follow these steps:

Login Into your account 

Step 1:  Goto account manager Select add WhatsApp profile  Icon and Press Add account

Step 2: Scanning QR code from your Cell Phone

Open whatsapp Using your phone to scan the QR code

Relogin to keep old instance id and account settings

Step 3: You will see your WhatsApp Account on Sociostacks -whatsapp as the picture below:

Keep your phone in front of the QR Code (Don’t Move) and waiting from 5 – 10 seconds
You will see your WhatsApp Account on Sociostacks -whatsapp 


you can use many of its features such as allowing you to automatically Bulk WhatsApp Sender by seconds to millions of customers, Auto Reply for a first message, Chatbot System with keywords or sentences, Sending all types of file like text, image, video. Additional, exporting contacts are from groups. It’s not only WhatsApp Marketing Software but also help your business keep and reach more customers.


We have important features that you need for a Sociostacks -whatsapp - WhatsApp Marketing tool

1.   Bulk messaging
Send messages in bulk to multiple recipients at once. This can be useful for sending promotions, announcements, or updates to a large group of customers.

2.   Message scheduling
Schedule messages to be sent at a specific time and date

3.   Automated responses
Include chatbots or other automated response features that can respond to customer messages automatically. This can help businesses provide quick and efficient customer support.

4.   Personalization
Messages with the recipient's name, location, or other details

5.   Multiple Accounts:
Managing multiple WhatsApp accounts via a single platform

Bulk WhatsApp Messages

Send messages in bulk to multiple recipients at once. This can be useful for sending promotions, announcements, or updates to a large group of customers.

1. Rotate between Multi-Accounts

Reduce the risk of account suspension, increase message limits, and test message effectiveness

2. Simple to add a new contact

It can be added manually by entering phone numbers, or it can be imported from a CSV file. It is organized into groups to make it easier to send targeted messages to specific groups of people.

3. Variables in the message

Improve personalization, and relevance, avoid spam filters and increase efficiency.

4. Variety of message types

It’s supported by various media types, such as images, audio, and text. Especially, you can use the Button and List Templates.

5. SpinTax capability

Utilize the SpinTax function to create a list of synonymous words.

6. Random time delays in message delivery

Reduce the risk of being flagged as spam or causing network congestion.

7. Specific days and times

Increase the chances of a message being opened, read, and acted upon by the intended audience. 

8. Save & Schedule campaigns for future delivery

Manage time more efficiently, send messages at targeted times, and maintain consistency in messaging frequency

9. Bulk Message Report

If you are looking to conduct a marketing campaign using messaging, Sociostacks -whatsapp is one of the best platforms. 

It provides all campaign statistics such as Campaign name, Contact name, min and max second delay, Phone number and the status of them which can help you measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

10. Single Campaign Report

Helping you understand a summary of the campaign report detailing a specified time period, such as start and end time. It supports you make data-driven decisions to drive conversions.


Send a pre-written message to incoming messages

Autoreply messages can help to improve customer service, maintain a professional image, manage expectations, and increase efficiency in messaging systems.


Communicate with users in a conversational manner

Chatbots can help to improve customer service, reduce costs, maintain consistency, increase engagement and conversion rates, and collect valuable data in messaging systems.

Button Template

Create interactive messages with buttons

Provide interactive buttons for recipients to click on. The buttons can be customized with different text or URLs and can be used to offer a range of actions or options for the recipients to choose from.

NOTE: Button function currently does not work with android devices

List Message Template

Create a list of items or options for customers

Quickly send a list of items to customers without having to type out each item individually. The template can be customized to include relevant information such as product images, descriptions, and prices.

NOTE: List Message function currently does not work with android devices

Export Participants

Export a list of all the participants in a specific group


It allows you to download a list of all the participants in a group chat or a broadcast list. This feature is particularly useful for businesses and organizations.

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